Quick iPhoto File Recovery For Mac

Are you searching for a reliable tool to retrieve your favorite photos from iPhoto?

How iPhoto recovery software is helpful in getting back lost iPhoto files?

It is possible to bring back the missing, deleted or inaccessible iPhoto data without any damage?

Photos and videos are like big assets to many people. It can be best said that the pictures of past could be a true friend to anyone who is out of home for job or study reasons and is missing the family and friends very much. By seeing those pictures and remembering the days back one can feel the same enjoyment and happiness shared with friends and family. Earlier the cameras are used to capture and save images and photos taken. But, now with the advancement in technology the digital cameras are being used everywhere to click images and the photos gets saved in memory cards of camera. The memory cards are very helpful in transmitting captured pictures directly and safely into the PC and the photos can also be retrieved back anytime required.

8Mac iPhoto Library

To bring more enhancement in the photo managing activity Apple has introduced an application called iPhoto for the Mac operating system. The Mac iPhoto is a very skilled and fantastic application that has enough potential to store, manage, edit, print and share the digital pictures easily in Mac OS X. The application is best designed to organize all images keywords, metadata, ratings, albums and many other details. It stores those details into a unique folder named iPhoto Library folder. One of the best feature of iPhoto is it allow users to import pictures on Internet. The pictures can be labeled, titled, sorted and also organized into several groups.

Data loss from Mac iPhoto Library

However, the stability factor is one of the things that user greatly needs to consider when using iPhoto. This is because the data loss is a common issue in Mac iPhoto or even sometime the complete iPhoto Library folder goes missing. There are number of reasons for the photo loss in Mac iPhoto Library, such as:

  • Formatting Mac partition or volume without proper backup taken of the essential data.
  • When trying to remove some unwanted pictures some precious photos also got deleted by mistake.
  • Improper synchronization of pictures from digital camera to Mac iPhoto Library.
  • Time machine program not used properly to create the data backup.
  • Data cable taken out abruptly during the sync process.
  • Corrupted Mac iPhoto Library due to system log file damaged.

Some situations under which iPhoto data becomes inaccessible

Case 1 – “Suppose a case when you try to import your iPhoto Library to the aperture 3 but instead you get an error message and then your data in iPhoto becomes inaccessible. In such case you are advised to take full backup and then rebuild iPhoto Library.”

Case 2 – “Imagine a situation when a friend of yours suggested you to upgrade your iPhoto with latest update and you happily updated your iPhoto. However, what happens wrong here is that you didn’t backed up your data. After the installation process completes and you opens the iPhoto Library folder you find no photo in the folder. All your data is gone. But, do not worry just rebuild the iPhoto to get back your data easily.”

8How to rebuild iPhoto Library?

Mac iPhoto is facilitated with a features that makes user rebuild iPhoto Library to undelete trash images on Mac OS X and also resolves issues like missing photos, library becoming unreadable or some other issues making iPhoto library inaccessible.

To perform iPhoto Library rebuilding:

  • At first close the opened iPhoto.
  • Hold on the Option and Command keys on keyboard together.
  • Now open iPhoto.
  • Hold on the keys and until it prompts to rebuild the iPhoto Library.
  • A message appears with rebuild options. Choose the option as per your wish.
  • Now begin rebuild process by clicking on Rebuild.

Tips to prevent the data loss from iPhoto Library folder:

  • Save data backup up-to-date.
  • Always keep batteries charged of the digital camera.
  • Do not expose camera media card to the water, heat, cold or humidity.
  • If the data is lost then stop using system volume or drive.
  • For the recovery of data never install recovery program on same drive from where the data is missing.

By keeping these things in mind one can easily avoid any picture loss from iPhoto Library or can safely retrieve the lost data from the drive.

IPhoto recovery software

In spite of the fact that the above measures are followed by users it still happens sometime that the iPhoto data loss occurs. If it happens that the iPhoto Library is unreadable or the pictures are missing and the data cannot be recovered even after rebuilding the iPhoto then user don’t need to worry. The iPhoto recovery software is a professional tool that quickly and safely restores all users lost or missing pictures in the iPhoto Library.

Below are some wonderful features of iPhoto recovery software:

  • Easy user interface with simple guidelines to make the picture recovery fun.
  • Can recover data of more then 300 file types.
  • Includes quick and efficient scan algorithm to recover pictures quickly.


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